How long does the trip take?

The trip usually lasts from 6.5 to 9 hours to Belgrade which means that the minibus arrives to Belgrade between 3 and 4 AM. It all depends on weather, possible standstills and waiting times on Serbian-Hungarian border crossing.

Why is the minibus fare so low?

Our vehicles do not use typical bus station parking lots and we do not pay the station use fees.
We try to be flexible, i.e. we include as many vehicles as necessary according to the number of people applied. This means that our vehicles do not travel half-empty which lowers the expenses which again leads to our prices being lower than competitors’.
We do not have stands for bying tickets which may be purchased on the minibus directly from the driver who gives out the receipt.
Our vehicles are registered as traveller vehicles and we pay the lowest high-way fees.
We do not hire expensive administrative staff. All the work is done by our external staff.

How much do children pay?

Since our vehicles are registered as traveller vehicles every person needs to have their own seat which means that children pay as much as adults.

How much does it cost to rent a vehicle from Bratislava to Belgrade?

The vehicle/minibus may be rented along with the driver in which case the client may choose the time of departure. One-way ticket costs as much as for 8 passengers together (8*35= 280 eur). This only stands for our usual rides. In case the stops are different, individual agreement applies.

Which goods are custom-free?

All goods up to 100 euros for private use, photocamera, camera and lap-top are considered private belongings and do not belong to this limit. It is only necessary to declare them at the Serbian Customs.

What things do I need to declare upon entering Serbia?

All techical goods need to be declared (TV, musical instruments, appliances)

How much money can I take into Serbia?

Generally speaking you are allowed to take as much money as you wish as long as you declare it at the customs and take the confirmation stating the sum of money taken in so that you would be able to bring it back upon returning. You should keep in mind that the maximum amount of money you can take out of the EU is 10000 euros.)

How much money can I take out from Serbia?

10000 euros or counter value in any other currency.

Are EU citizens able to enter Serbia with their ID?

As of June, 12th, 2010 EU citizens are allowed to do so.

What am I allowed to take into Hungary or the EU and in which quantities?

Money (10000 euros or counter value in any other currency), 2 packs of cigarettes i.e. 2*20 pieces of cigarettes (or 50 grams of tobacco), 1 litre of beverage with over 22% of alcohol, or 2 litres of beverage with up to 22% of alcohol (this does not apply to wine and beer). Besides this you can take 4 litres of wine and 16 litres of beer. All this applies to persons above 17 years of age. Besides the full tank 10 litres of fuel per vehicle is allowed which must be kept in a metal box.

What are the fines if Hungarian custom officer finds more alcohol or cigarettes?

The fine is 80 euros if you pass the limits minimally and taking away of the goods. For excessive quantities fines are bigger.

Why do not we take our passengers to their home address in Belgrade and Novi Sad?

Belgrade and Novi Sad are big cities and taking our passengers to their home address would take a lot of time having in mind that these cities have very efficient taxi services. The second reason is that our drivers do not know these cities very well which makes the whole problem even bigger. However, in small villages that are on our list of stops, we do take passengers home back from Slovakia since the time of arrival is between 1 and 4 A.M. and there are no taxi services to take over.

In case I am not able to cross the border from some reason do I get a refund?

We do not offer a refund in case it turns out that you are not able to cross the border due to lack of documentation required or because of possession of forbidden goods.