Terms and Conditions - HRICKO PREPRAVA

Terms and Conditions

  • By purchasing the ticket the passenger agrees with all the rights and responsibilities of Explinien d.o.o. as follows:
  • Changing the travel date in less than 12 hours prior to departure is free of charge. Changing the date of departure in less than 12 hours before departure means cancellation. Reservation may be changed up to 3 times.
  • Passengers are obliged to respect the rules concerning their personal luggage. Maximum luggage size must be 80x60x30 cm. Maximum weight of each luggage item must not exceed 20 kg. If either the total sum of luggage length, width and height exceeds 170 cm or 20 kg of weight it will be considered as too big. Excessive luggage or any luggage not complying with the aforementioned rules, bicycles, prams, skis are possible to be taken only with transporter’s approval and will be charged additionally. In case the transporter agrees to take bicycles or skis, they need to be packed neatly so that other passengers’ luggage is not affected. Driver keeps the right not to accept the transport of any luggage exceeding the size and number, problematic contents or the luggage which was not additionally paid for. In case of full trunk the driver keeps the right not to accept excessive or too big luggage which was not approved in advance.
  • Transporter is responsible for luggage which has been paid for, up to 50 euro per passenger. Any luggage worth more than that is passenger’s responsibility. Transporter does not account for the hand luggage. Each luggage item needs to have passenger’s name, address and phone number attached to it. The transporter suggests individual travel baggage insurance. Any claims concerning luggage must be taken immediately upon luggage take-over only for the items which have been paid for. Passenger must calculate the damage and send a written application to the transporter within 3 days after the arrival in order to have the right to compensation. If the damage is not reported in the aforementioned way, the passenger loses the right to compensation. Lost or forgotten luggage is kept for maximum one month after which time the passenger loses the right to compensation.
  • The passenger must comply with all the rules in the country of destination or the transit country as well as the regulations concerning:
  • Travelling, travel documentation and all relevant regulations;
  • Customs regulations and measurements;
  • Financial and other state regulations, including the luggage.
  • The transporter is not responsible for passengers not respecting these rules.
  • In case the driver determines that the travel documentation is either not valid or incomplete, he keeps the right not to let a passenger into the vehicle.
  • The passenger which is held up by the customs officer more than the time assigned in the timetable, the driver has the right to exclude the passenger from further trip.
  • Passengers must respect all the rules given out by the driver concerning departures, border crossings and rest areas. Waiting for the passenger being late is not an option. Passengers who are late bear the expenses of late arrival themselves.
  • The transporter keeps the right to exclude the passenger who does not comply with all our rules from further trip. The transporter is not obliged to take the passenger for which it can be supposed that will disable the transporter from carrying out his duties towards other passengers (drunk passengers, persons under the influence of drugs, rude persons, as well as any other person behaving inappropriately towards the others.) A passenger like that may be excluded from further travel without refund.
  • The transporter does not take responsibility for damage caused by passengers’ late arrivals or for any cancellation or unrealized services coming from regular unobstructed trips. 
    The transporter does not take responsibility in case of “Higher Power”.
    In all other cases valid travel regulations are followed.
  • Smoking is forbidden in vehicles.
  • Children up to 15 years old must be accompanied by an adult or may even travel alone if that has previously been arranged with us. Youngsters between 15 and 18 years old may travel alone with parental approval which must be given to the driver upon departure.
  • WARNING: in case that during the ride you must leave the vehicle from some reason (e.g. lacking the necessary documentation at the border) refund is not an option!!

Personal information protection

We do not sell, lease or reveal personal details of our passengers (name, e-mail, phone number) to a third party unless we are obliged to do so by the law.